Saturday, November 29, 2008

Embroidered Animals Quilt

I am so excited to finally show you my daughter's quilt that I completed. It measures 44 x 44, a little smaller than I wanted but you never know until you are done. I had such a fun time embroidering the animals, I love to embroider!

animal quilt

My mom showed me how to do bias strips for the binding and we combined all of the reds that I used in the quilt for the binding. I love it.

bias binding

I am so glad that my mom helped me to hand sew the quilt it looks so professional, much better than it would have looked had I quilted it on the sewing machine.

hand quilting

Back of quilt

This was the first time I used a quilting frame, it really helps but it is alot of work to get it set-up.

all ready to goHand stiched


Jennifer said...

how high is the loft on the batting you're using? all these quilts seem particularly puffy/fluffy/squishy.

Darci said...

I buy the polyester batting on the bolt at JoAnns. ( so you have to take it to them to cut) It is really thick. If you buy it in the pre-cut packages I find that it is not very thick.

Leslie said...

i just stumbled upon your blog while i was looking for a easy quilt tutorial for my daughter....and i thought i would say that all your quilts are beautiful....i especially love this red and turquoise one. The quilting with the embroidery thread looks so nice the way it frames everything out


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