Saturday, November 1, 2008

All different sizes quilt - tutorial

I have been wanting to attempt to make a quilt for me where all the squares are different sizes. I could not find a pattern or any tips online so I just winged it. I want to be able to remember how I did it, so here is a tutorial of what I have done.

1. Bought 5 different fabrics, with 1/2 yard of each. ( Note to self: bought a yard of the white fabric with birds because you loved it so much. That Alexander Henry makes great fabrics.)

just a beginning

2. Got out my cutting board and rotary cutter. I then picked one fabric and started cutting a rectangle. I pieced together all five materials until I had a complete square.

laying them out

3. Sewed all five materials together with a 1/4" seam allowance. Then ironed the seams down, so the square is nice and flat.

one square

4. Repeated this process with another square, making sure that no 2 colors/materials are next to eachother.

5. Sewed together the 2 big squares that I made, cut off the access material, if any, so that I have now one big square/rectangle.

6. Next step will be to repeat #'s 3-5, then sew those 2 big squares together. Repeating this until you long strips/rows.

sewed all together

7.Sew the rows together into the desired length and width of the quilt.

8. Measure quilt to get the dimensions (for example: 45x60, which is what I am shooting for) and then go and buy the fabric & batting for the back and middle of the quilt, so that it will match the dimensions of the top layer.

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