Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Beginning.

I grew up sewing. I remember every day coming home from school and my mom sitting at her desk sewing. She is a master seamstress. We always had "customers" over at the house in her sewing room which doubled as my parents bedroom. She was always willing to teach me to sew. Many times I would sit next to her and sew on her other sewing machine. I would make pillows or blankets because they were easy. I just stopped sewing, not really for any reason, I just did. As I stay home being a mom I have picked it up again and I am totally addicted!

My mom tells me that I have quilting in my blood as her mom and grandmother did it to. Of course my grandmother and great-grandmother, quilted it all by hand, which I have not done, they definitely are the true quilters in the family. My husband likes to joke that I am a cheater since I use the sewing machine and I do not do it all by hand like my grandmothers, but really I just don't have the time or the space to do that. Once of these days when I don't have kids at home, maybe. Maybe.

I decided to put myself out there. I am a little nervous but really excited. I want to have a place for all of my sewing projects and this seemed to be the best thing. I really want to get involved with others that love to sew and I want to get into quilting bees.

So here I go.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Sometimes I read your old blog and feel real calm.
It's rare in the internet - blog like this.
Thx and wish y all the best.

Toby, Ideals.


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