Monday, December 22, 2008

On the look out.

I realized that I have not made a quilt with my favorite colors. Pink & Green. So I am on the look out for them. Here are some that I have picked up so far. ( I bought a half of a yard of each)

pink & green quilt

I bought a fat quarter of these at my local quilt shop.

more greens & pinks

I think I will even embroider some animals for this one. I am thinking an Owl and maybe an elephant or I might just stick with the bird theme. We will see.

Also on the look out for materials that go with this. I am thinking red, orange, and some yellows.

a start

I just have to throw this one in here. I found this darling Kitty fabric that my daughter will love. I am thinking a doll quilt for this one. I just love this, if only it was in pinks it would be perfect.

little kitty's

p.s. After going to 3 different JoAnn's to find the quilters only bleached muslin, I gave up and bought Kona bleached muslin, it is sooooo soft.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

the kona muslin is so wonderfully touchable. every time i get near it feel an intense urge to rub it on my face!


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