Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In Progress + Fabric

I have been going crazy buying fabric because my local quilt shops give you a discount in your birthday month. This is the last of it for a long time. I am running out of storage room, time to start using the fabric.

This was my first stop and I bought tons!!!

a little overboard

This was my second stop. I keep picking up Starling by Alexander Henry, it is my favorite. Now if only my quilt stores would carry the other colors it comes in I would be in heaven.


These are for a quilt I am going to make for my Mom. (quiet she doesn't know yet.) Most of it is from Recess by Moda.

For my Mom

I complain to my friend that there is never any good stripes out there, but I found some!


This is my work in progress this week. I have started a stacked coins quilt, but I have added something a little extra to it, can you see what it is???

in progress


Unknown said...

Oh, do I see some ric rac? Lovely choice of orange too. Can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

I really love the orange apples, cute! Nice touch adding the ricrac.

The Four on Board said...

i guess its ricrac ...i was going to say the curly cues....hehe....were any of these from the store in anaheim?

Leslie said...

i love all your fabrics!! what a treat to get a sale just because it is your birthday! nice. i have recently been on a fabric buying binge and loving it! SOmeitmes i just can not help myself

Kami said...

Obviously it's ric rac!! (I never would have known that but I'm trusting the 4 other commenters)

Anonymous said...

I love the orange and white flowers fabric. Got my fabric in the mail today!


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