Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Measurements Quilt + Swap update

I finished the Measurements quilt yesterday as I had to have it done so that my friend could take it with her when she travels on Thursday. She is being really nice and taking it on her trip since she is going where my Mom lives, so that I do not have to mail it to her. I did trim the border since most of you thought I should and it measures 72 x 52.

Measurements quilt

I knew when I saw the measuring tape fabric that this line would be perfect for my Mom. She always had a measuring tape around her neck when she was sewing, which was most of my life.


I decided to make my first label. I embroidered this one for my Mom and incorporated it into the back of the quilt. I was nervous to quilt over it, but it turned out great.

embroidered label

back of Measurements quilt

My daughter really wanted to get into the pictures and I LOVE this one, such a great pose.

so shy

A post would not be complete without a picture of the quilt folded. These are my favorites. I decided to make my binding 3.5 inches because I wanted more when I pulled it over to the front of the quilt to sew it down. It worked out great and I am going to do this from now on. I did the binding in white to bring out the white sashing.

i just love when they are folded

Swap update:

The swap is closing tomorrow so make sure you sign up today!

Fat Quarter Swap - Come and join in

There are some of you that have not emailed me your mailing address and I have tried getting a hold of you or there is no way to get a hold of you. PLEASE email me with your mailing address so that I can match you up with someone. Thanks.

My email address:



Anonymous said...

Oh wow Darci that's turned out really great. I love it. What a lucky Mum :-) That's one very cute girl you have.

rachel griffith said...

SUPER cute quilt.
how sweet that your pal is gonna take it to your mom.

but i've got to say that the pic of your daughter on the quilt is too stinkin' cute for words!!!
you should mail that pic to your mom, i'm sure she'd love that.

i'm excited about the swap!!!

Melanie said...

It turned out great Darci! I love the white binding, it really does make the sashing and the label on the back pop.

Pecos Blue said...

Lovely quilt.

Anonymous said...

That picture of your girl is too sweet! How wonderful you made your mum a quilt, and such a beautiful one at that!

Tacha said...

Lovely quilt and very cute picture of your daughter!

nettie said...

I love this quilt, I've been meaning to get some of that wonderful ruler fabric. love it.

Kat said...

Your daughter is adorable!! What a precious picture. You should send that to your mom to go with the quilt (which is amazing by the way...its the perfect blend of vintage and modern).

a good yarn said...

I think you got the measure of that quilt (ba-doom-tish). Sorry. It's a terrific quilt - positively zings with colour and I like that a lot.

Thanks for organising the swap too.

Happy Stitching...Ann :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilt!
I love the way you used the measuring tape fabric! It sure is hard to combine but you managed to make it in a LOVELY way.
LOVE the end result!
Your mom will sure be proud!
Sandy in Buenos Aires-

Darci said...

Thanks everyone. Now I just have to wait to see if my Mom likes it!!!

Two Dogs and a Quilt said...

I love this! Really nice clean design. I have some Wee Play charms saved and this is great motivation.

Unknown said...

Get that last photo blown up and keep forever...so so cute!
I love the colours of this quilt. It says happy happy happy!
Didn't it just make you squeal when you saw the finished product?

Scott and Meaghan said...

Such a great quilt and your daughter with the quilt is adorable!

Kerr Family said...

Great Quilt!!! It has been awhile since I checked in on this site. I'm amazed at how well it's doing...Congratulations! That's so awesome. You do such a great job.

Aunt Spicy said...

That quilt is just stunning! I still have a lot of the recess line, I haven't decided what to do with it yet! Just in case my second email doesn't make it to you: auntspicy at gmail Thanks for hosting the fat quarter exchange, so fun!

amy smart said...

This quilt is so cute. Love that Recess line!

Carla said...

My, if my child made me a quilt like that I'd be so proud! Just to let you know I sent my fat quarters yesterday.

Unknown said...

beautiful embroidered label! OMG!

Sheree said...

What a fantastic quilt!!!


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