Monday, August 3, 2009

In Progress - Girls Room

We painted the room "Refreshing Pool" by Behr. I can't be more happy with the color. I then caved and bought my daughter the Brooke Bedroom by Pottery Barn Kids. I have been eyeing it for over a year now.

Girls room - bunk beds

I still need to outfit the top bunk with the same bedding. I only bought one set to make sure I liked it in the room and I do. I want the beds to match since I am a matchy matchy person, plus when the girls are old enough they might want to make the bunks beds into twin beds (since they can be pulled apart) and I would want the bedding to be the same.

I made my daughter the little owl softie sitting on the bed today. I wish it was bigger, but that is what happens when you are making something without a pattern and just going with the flow.

Owl softie on bed

I took this pic with my iphone to send to my friend a quick pic once I was done. I forgot to take one with my camera :( I embroidered on the nose since every attempt I made at sewing one on with fabric was a disaster!

Today's project : Owl softie

Now I just need to get going on the quilt for the baby and wait for my Mom to make the bumper pads. So stay tuned!


a good yarn said...

It's fabulous! There is the most wonderful owl quilt in the current issue of Australian Simply Patchwork & Stitching. And in those colours too. Perhaps it was the inspiration?

Jilly's Space said...

I love the bedding you chose and the owl is just so incredibly adorable!!! Smart :o)

Rachael Adele said...

That wall color is gorgeous, too-- do you remember the name of the paint?

Emily said...

I love the colors! Nice and cheery :) You did a beautiful job with the owl!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Your owl is adorable! That bedding is great too. I've been thinking about the same bedding for my own daughter. I think I need to think a bit harder. It's very cute!

~Michelle~ said...

Oh Darci! I love the room, and of course, I love that bedding, and the little softie you made. :) Are those the final curtains yet?

Andrea @ Knitty Bitties said...

Hi there!
I've been following your blog (and enjoy it much) for a few months now :).

I couldn't help but comment on this post to show you that I made a very similar owl for one of my dear friend's daughter's room with the same bedding :). We also painted 3 big trees on her walls (which are a paler blue) in the same style as the bedding. Totally fun and quirky!

I LOVE the wall color ... this would be a dream room for me if I was a little girl :).

Happy Day!

beth said...

i LOVE your little cute! I want to make one NOW!

Allie said...

Love the room!
The softy is too cute!

Calico Road said...

WOW! Beautiful wall color, matches perfect!
I can't believe you bought the PB set, you totally could've made that! hehe
At least that's what I always think when I see cute things like this. But to be honest, I never get around to doing it, so I understand your purchasing it. :)

Beth said...

oh, that paint color is beautiful! I love your little softie, and the nose is sooo cute!

Gigi's Thimble said...

I love the owls! So cute! Great colors in the room too!

J.R. and Tammy said...

How funny! I am having a girl in Nov. and looked at this bedding at least once a day. I was going to break down and buy it but saw an adorable quilt in my local shop that is too cute so I guess I am making a twin and crib set now! PB is always great inspiration though!

ilovebabyquilts said...

OMG i'm in love! LOVE LOVE that bedding and that owl! I churn out quilts at a pretty good clip, but even I would have bought that one. It reminds me of the new Wildwood trees from Erin McMorris.

Your owl is great, I know what you mean, my stuffed toys always turn out smaller than i'd like since I don't use a pattern either. Check out the monster I blogged today.

Unknown said...

that is did great.

Nyssa - Surreal Design said...

Love the Owl, and the bedding is just stunning. Lucky Girl! :D

Funky Finds said...

I love it! I wish it was my room! Although I doubt my hubby would go for the bunk beds LOL

Unknown said...

What a great job!!
I love the colors

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