Friday, November 6, 2009


Feet in picture - CQB October

Mommy what are you doing?

I am taking pictures.

I want my feet in the picture!

Hm..... Ok.

Mommy do it too!

The End.

Cottage Quilting Bee

Hourglass block for Ariana, October. Block size is 16.5 x 16.5 " one of the larger blocks that I have made for any of my bees.

Hourglass block - For Ariana

String Block for Rachel, September.

String Block - For Rachel

Pieced Together Quilting Bee Blocks:

String Block for Sandy for September. Sandy didn't want us to sew the 4 blocks together since she wanted to arrange them the way she wanted to, these colors look so great together.

String Block - For Sandy

4 Mini Log Cabins for Valerie, October. Each Log Cabin was paper pieced since Valerie asked us to do that so they would all match. They are each only 4.5" super small but so cute!

mini log cabins - For Valerie

Log Cabin block for Beki, October. Beki asked us to use the black dot for the center of the square. Beki just sent a couple of strips of fabric so it was fun to use up some of my scraps.

Log cabin - For Beki

Sew Connected 3 Blocks:

Wonky Log Cabin for Anina, October. I did my first log cabin with the center being way off and I really love it.

Wonky log cabin - For Anina

Diamond Block for Cathy, October. Cathy asked us to make a 12.5" geometric block on the white background.

Diamond block - for Cathy

I had some left over fabric from cutting the diamond out of a square. They will make the perfect flying geese block so I sent those back to Cathy since I didn't have any white fabric left to make the block myself.

Triangle leftovers

Sheesh was that enough blocks for you? It was for me!!!


RosaMarĂ­a said...

beautiful blocks and little feets!!

Anina said...

Love all the blocks, especially mine. :o)

Kelly O. said...

wow! I'd love to do a swap that you're involved in! so much creativity!

Anonymous said...

I love the mini log cabins.

a good yarn said...

I'm beginning to like the toes more than the blocks. Okay, the blocks are pretty cool too. Amazing fabric combinations. Ann :)

Anonymous said...

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Cheryl said...

Wow! You have been so busy, and the blocks are wonderful! You have inspired my creative juices, lucky quilting bee recipients!

Leslie said...

i was browsing through all your latest posts and everything is amazing. your quilt tops and blocks are all so beautiful.

njt said...

Love the wonky log cabin.
xo Rika


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