Saturday, April 24, 2010

On The Go Quilt

I made my first boy quilt! One of my friends is having her first boy and her shower is today so I can finally post pictures of the quilt.

On The Go Quilt

I am calling it On The Go since I used my coveted Japanese cars print.

Back of quilt

It is 33" x33". It was supposed to be 36"x 36" put with quilting and washing it shrunk alot more than I was expecting. I was in awe of my 4 corners and that they all match up. Who knows how I did that! I also free motion quilted it with white thread as I wanted the quilting to stand out.

4 corners

I also did my new favorite which is a pieced binding! I am really loving it.

Pieced Binding

I hope when Stetson gets here he will love it too.


Unknown said...

This is really cute! I love how the free motion quilting makes the whole thing seem like it's on the go!

a good yarn said...

It looks fantastic, especially the pieced binding. Terrific name too. Ann :-)

The Four on Board said...

yahoo!!! this was the BEST gift!!!! I am sooo excited to use it! thank you Darci!

KPB said...

Love it! My best friend is due any day and I'm busting to know if it's a pink or blue one so I can whip up a quilt for her. BUSTING!


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