Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finished Quilt Top

I finally finished the quilt top for my bed!

California King Quilt top

This thing is HUGE. A California King size. Since there is no way I can quilt this on my machine I have contacted someone to quilt it for me who has a long arm. I am just waiting for her to call me back as I am hoping to get this to her before I leave on vacation on Thursday.

Quilt on my bed


I am going to be sewing alot since I am going to my parents house and I will sew some dresses for my girls with my Mom's help. Then we are going to my Bff's house, Erin for a week! We have all sorts of fun things planned and will sew together. It is so great to have a friend who loves to sew as much as I do. So sad that we don't live closer.

I also made this pillow for my niece Whitney since my Mom made her a quilt out of the Amy Butler Love line to take to college.

Ragged Love Pillow

I again tried the layering and ragged look for the flower. It really is my new favorite.

ragged flower

I did piping again and a zipper. I just don't think I can go back to making pillows without them now.

side view

I might not be blogging while I am gone for the next 2 weeks but we will see!


MandMStudio said...

Love that quilt top:) The pillow is also cute: I have yet to try piping but cant wait to try.

Laurence said...

Very beautiful quilt on the bed. I love colors.

jess said...

Yeah, I'll just take the quilt and the bed, thanks. :) Gorgeous job!

a good yarn said...

They are both amazing!

Kami said...

Love that pillow, so cute! Your niece will love it!

What an amazing quilt for your bed, it looks so huge that must have been a lot of work! Great job!

Rika said...

Your bed quilt is AMAZING. Wow. xo


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