Saturday, July 24, 2010

Obsessed with shirring

I have sewed so much in the last 2 days and it isn't is clothes! I was on a shirring high. I had an awesome night ahead, with a promise of a hot date. I wanted to make something new to wear but didn't have alot of time so I used my new skills (thanks to my Mom) and pulled out my Nicey Jane, Slim Dandy fabric & my Amy Butler Love fabric, and started sewing with an idea.

Luckily it all came together and my hot date went great.

Date night

You can wear this skirt with the shirt out like on did on my date or with it tucked in to show off the shirring. I also made my daughters some clothes to. I made my oldest a shirt. She choose the fabric from my stash and it was no surprise that it was blue since that is her favorite!

Obessed with shirring

I made my youngest daughter a dress to match but she was asleep when we were taking pictures and when she woke up we were on our way to the OC fair. I will get pictures soon.

Gwen's blue top

I do have to say the pocket I made I love! I love that I made it in a contrasting fabric and that it is deep.

Love my polka dot pocket

I will be making more clothes in the future since they are fun to make!

Skirt & shoes


Jandi said...

So, so cute! I love shirring and I am sad my daughter doesn't like it as much as she used too! *sniff*

Alisa said...

Very, very nice! I like your motivation - 'the promise of a hot date.' :-)

Unknown said...

Keep on sewing, Keeping on sewing, Keep on sewing....I'm singing as I type:)..... Great ideas!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the super cool tutorial. very helpful since i'm a beginner myself

dana said...

darling photo of you and your little girl!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!


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