Friday, August 13, 2010

No sewing machine = obsessing on books

I am without my 2 sewing machines since they are in the shop. ( 2 sewing machines you say? Did I forget to mention my Mom gifted me with another of her awesome machines? Don't worry I will fill you in soon) Since you all know my obsession with all things sewing, I thought I would tell you about my other obsession........BOOKS!

Every since I was little I have loved books. What really got me though was when I was 14 or 15 my sisters (who are much older) shared some paperback romance novels with me and boy was I hooked! I love a good romance. I have books everywhere in my house.

Books on my entertainment center.

Books on my entertainment center

Books under the TV. Seriously books have to be EVERYWHERE in my house.

books under the tv

Books on my dresser. Those Lisa Kleypas books are my all time favorite romance books. If you are looking for some good romance books, hers are the BEST. I am not ashamed to say I love romance novels.

books on my dresser

You get a sneak peak in my life here since you can see one of my favorite wedding photos (that is why it is on my dresser) and also those bells I recently acquired from my parents. They were part of my Grandmas collection.

Books on my dresser

Books on my nightstand, along with my Mother's Day present which I have not used yet. Seriously when do I have time for a massage? MUST.MAKE.TIME. Everyone needs a massage and it is what I asked for.

books on my nightstand

I really can't get into this Kindle thing. I know it is awesome technology and it is great to have any book you want at your fingertips but......I like having a book in my hands. I love the smell of books (really I do) I love having them in my home (obviously) I love being able to turn the page myself and read a book I love again and again. I know lots of people read a book once and never read it again but that is not me some of my favorite books I have read 20-30 times. I am trying to pass this along to my girls which so far it has worked. My oldest reads all the time and has the funniest way of it. She holds the book and then hums. We believe it is like opening credits in a movie. Then she reads the book. When it is done she again hums. The ending credits letting you know it is over. Hilarious and oh so cute. One of her favorite spots to read,reading nook, is her top bunk.

Reading nook

The 2 girls share a room and it is a small room, hence a small book shelf, but books are all over the cabinets where they keep their toys.

books in my daughters room

What was your favorite books as a kid? Some of mine, if you can see, are on the top shelf to the right of the CARS books. Those 3 books were some of my favorite and I recently found them at my parents and brought them home with me.

Kids Books

On my daughters nightstand. (I really need to get a picture in that frame!)

books on my daughters nightstand

Do you think I am obsessed? Trust me I would own WAY more if I had the room. My house is very small and one day when we get a bigger one I will totally be buying tons of books and great big awesome book shelves to keep them on.

I haven't even showed you all the paperback romance novels I have that I keep in storage containers in my closet. All of the books in my home I have read, well I guess that isn't true as there are tons of Law books in the cupboard but those are my husbands, maybe some day I will read them. I did always want to be an attorney growing up. Two attorney's in the same household though?!?!?!? I don't think so. LOL.


Dresden Lane said...

I agree about the Kindle- I really don't see the appeal. I already stare at a computer and tv screen enough, thank you. Plus it's expensive and I love used books. Are you going to be able to buy a used copy of a Kindle book? I don't think so.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Just like fabric you can never have too many books, especially childrens. Now I have a Kindle which I adore because I am loosing my eyesite and a large print book is very heavy, but I agree it does not have that great book smell. But for me it is amazing. and how darling is your daughter!

a good yarn said...

The tactile feel of a book, the printed words on a page. I too enjoy all the experiences reading brings. You are quite right to share your enthusiasm for books and reading with your girls. ann...

teedle. said...

I saved all of my books from when I was a child and now I am reading them to my son. I hope they can stay in the family for years, and children to come.

Rika said...

I share the book love. One of my presents was a bookcase my husband made me. Sometimes on date night we go to the bookstore together. I love used bookstores and a yard sale with lots of book piles.

My husband reads on his iPad. But I am old fashioned. No kindle for me.

Oh some favorite kid books (in case you need an excuse to buy some new kid books:) ): Blueberries for Sal, Make Way for Ducklings, The Diary of a Wombat, A Duck Named Ping, Goodnight Gorilla....I'll stop there.



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