Friday, August 20, 2010

Pleasure in the little things

finding happiness in the small things

I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed with all that I have on my list to do for the shop, the swaps I am in and just the sewing that I like to do for me. I caught a nasty cold this week and decided it was a good time to rest and enjoy some of the little things. My daughter found 2 ladybugs in the backyard so we each got to have one crawl on us.

caught a ladybug

I just LOVE seeing my girls feet together! I love the contrast.

Sister's feet

So get out there and enjoy the little things this weekend ! Hopefully when Monday gets here I will get the rest of the things checked off my list.


teedle. said...

baby feet are the most adorable thing ever!

a good yarn said...

Oh Darci, I'm sorry to learn you have a cold. Makes one feel mizzabubble (my friend's daughter says this). Baby feet are fabulous. Look at those itty bitty toes! Hope you feel better soon. ann...


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