Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wonderland Tote

I made this tote the other day for my Urban Home Goods Swap partner.

Wonderland Tote (part 2)

I knew they liked the fabric line Wonderland and wanted a bag which was great since that is what I was in the mood to make.

Wonderland tote resting

I don't know about you but most of the tote's out there I see have fabric straps and I just love the wooden handles. I was so excited to find red ones since I love red and it went so great with the fabrics.

Red round handles

At first I made the fabric holding the wooden handle longer as you can see in this picture but it bothered me all day so last night I un-picked it and shortened the strap. (my daughter really wants to keep this "purse" I will just have to make her one now)

Modeling "her" purse

I lined the tote in the flower print making the lining a bold statement, don't you think?

inside of Wonderland

Hopefully my partner loves this purse as it was fun to make and it will be well used.

I also received my pillow for the swap that Charlotte and I did! Remember I made her this? I could not love it more. SERIOUSLY.

Crocheted flower pillow

Obviously it goes great in my daughter's room and the youngest, Miss P, loves it to as she is always playing with the crocheted flowers. Charlotte even made the little pillow sitting on the table. Which many dolls have now used to sleep on. Thanks again so much Charlotte!

Awesome Pillows


The Four on Board said...

the purse is sooooo cute Darci! lucky girl to receive it!

Catherine said...

Love the wonderland tote! Such a lovely fabric line. The pillow you recieved is so pretty as well and goes perfectly with the quilt hanging on the back of the chair. Cute model too!

Jandi said...

Cute tote! I love it with the shorter handles. I can see why she wants to keep it for herself!

Jandi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
a good yarn said...

Fabulous tote and I love the red handles! That's a very pretty baby girl with a very pretty cushion. ann...

Charlotte said...

I just love the photo of your daughter with her quilt and pillows! I can't believe we both chose the blue dot for the squares! Awesome job on the quilt; and I am glad the dolls have a place to rest their heads as well! Thanks for the fun; I love my crochet hook case. I put my needles in right away and have it in my bag!

sewinglady said...

I just love the tote bag!


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