Sunday, September 26, 2010

Girls shirred dresses

I made one of my friend's, Sara , daughter this shirred dress for her 3rd birthday not that long ago. Isn't Emma a doll??

Emma in her dress

cutie Emma

Then a little later Sara asked me to make a dress for Lily's 1st Birthday to match. The theme was white, black & yellow. I came up with a black and white print and added some yellow solid to it. It was fun to change up the dress. Aren't they cute sisters?

sisters in their dresses

I also made this Minky Initial Blanket for Sara. She wanted to give it to her friend who just had a baby girl.

Minky initial blanket

Sara and I got together last week so that we could hang out and so that I could give her everything. All the kids had fun hanging out. Of course Gweniveve has a dirty face, oh well. Atleast I got a picture of all the kids (minus Penelope since she was sleeping).



Sara said...

Thank you so much for making the dresses and blanket. I have to say that they are by far my favorite dresses for the girls. I love the way they fit and wash so well. Love you Dar!

Unknown said...

I would love a tutorial of these dresses! I aw the shirred skirt tutorial and imagine it is similar. I am just curious about measurements!


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