Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mornings Between Friends

Have any of you heard of the 2 friends that decided to take a picture every morning, for a year, and then blog about it???? Well....Here is the blog that they set up to show eachother their pictures, A Year of Mornings, so that they could be in each others lives even though they live far apart.

Well.....why I am telling you this you ask??? Erin contacted me almost 2 years ago to see if I would be interested in trying it out for a week. I thought it would be a great idea for us to be even more connected! Not like all the phone calls, emails, texts, google chats, etc. isn't enough. Rules: We both take a picture, edit it, then post it within an hour of waking up. We both decided that we can't cheat and be lazy and take pictures with our iPhone cameras, it has to be our actual nice cameras!

Since we started in March of 2009 we have now done 2 weeks of A Week of Mornings, A Month of Mornings and then occasionally we have done A Day of Mornings. We have posted them to Flickr and have a group, Mornings Between Friends, set up for this purpose.

I thought I would finally show all of you our collection since it is fun and shows you a different aspect of my life. Here is a look at some of Erin and my pictures we have done over these 1.5 years.

Mornings Between Friends

Today's A Day of Mornings is brought to you by: Feet & Hands. (I couldn't decide between the 2 pictures today so you get 2 pictures not one.)

Feet peeking out of bed. So hard to resist.

Feet  (peeking out of her bed)

Hands of all different sizes.

3 hands of all sizes

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Sandy said...

how cool IS that? What a great way to get to know eachother. Your pics are so cute!


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