Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Ghastly Pillow & Mug Rug

Here is my Ghastly pillow. Should I keep it or is it to Ghastly???

My Ghastly Pillow

The back is alittle less Ghastly but still....

Bats on the back

To bad it is a gift for someone as I could really use some Ghastliness in my home.

My Ghastly Pillow
I decided to add just a little by making this Ghastly Mug Rug. This poor little girl is so alone.

My Ghastly Mug Rug

Not anymore,  she has Mr. Rootbeer to keep her company.

Mr. Rootbeer & the mug rug
These sure put me in the mood for Halloween, but I am completely stuck on what to have the girls be for Halloween. I want to make the costumes if possible. ?!?!?!?!?!?


Amy said...

What is that fabric?!? I Love it!

Baye said...

They're ghastly in all the right ways! I love the fabric, too, and want to know where it is from.

Sara said...

Really cute ideas and the fabric is GHASTLY good! HE,he, he!

Darci said...

I tried emailing you guys but you don't have an email set up on your profile!! The print is The Ghastlies" by Alexander Henry. It just came out and it is so great!!!!

Baye said...

Thank you. I didn't think to leave an email. I usually just check back to see if there is a response. I can't wait to get the fabric!

eileensideways said...

that fabric is so flippin cute. that will be a collector's item very soon. love how u used it.


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