Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Star Mug Rug

So over on flickr a bunch of people are making Mug Rugs or really a larger version of a coaster.  When I was telling my sister in law what I was making she said that it sounded unnecessary and I tend to agree but not when you think of them as a fashion statement and another fun cute decoration, then they are TOTALLY necessary I must have one.

So I made me one yesterday. It is 12.5"x 6" which is a great size.  I LOVE LOVE wonky maverick stars, plus as you know one of my favorite lines is Amy Butlers Lotus line & I also used Kona Cotton in Ash, scraps leftover from this quilt .

Star Mug Rug

Here is the back, I made it reversible so depending on your mood you can have either side.

reversable mug rug

Here is my favorite cup on my star mug rug. I have mentioned before that we are big Angel baseball fans in this house. I won't mention what a crappy year they have had though, to depressing.

My favorite cup on my mug rug

I don't drink coffee or tea so it is Rootbeer with the occasional Sprite or water that sits next to me while I sew. I sew on my kitchen table and I used to sit my cup on a book so that it didn't leave a wet circle mark on the table, but know I don't have to! You also get a sneak peak of my 2 machines which I will be talking about soon.

I always need a drink while I sew

Erin is having a giveaway for one that she made, it ends today so go over and sign up if you want one. I entered since hers would be perfect for my husband to use on his nightstand as he always brings water upstairs to drink in the middle of the night which leaves rings on his nightstand.  Click here to enter.


jess said...

Those are so sweet. I really need to make these.

Erin @ Two More Seconds said...

thanks for linking to mine! :]

I agree they are unnecessary, but like you said - better than sitting your cup on a book!


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