Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A New Project - take 2

So yes I did cut into those fabrics yesterday thinking I was going to use them for the Quilt Along but then after making 10 color blocks and going to bed last night I decided to use those 10 blocks for something else.

Yesterday's WIP - 10 blocks down

After reading what some people had said about the quilt along and what they were using for the fabrics and then sleeping on it I decided that I wanted a scrapier look and not color blocks. I also decided to not just use scraps but to cut into my most favorite prints that I have in yardage.

Cutting into my favorite yardage - SCARED

I don't know about you but when I buy yardage I usually keep them for a certain quilt or use it as yardage ( i.e. for the back of a quilt, blankets)  but I never cut into them for just scraps but that is what I did! I am so proud of myself (totally scared to!)

Scraps cut

Now for sure I am just going to grab a strip and start sewing without over thinking what is going into the one block.  I think I will make a bunch of blocks and then quilt them after I have made a bunch. I think that will be a good assembly line thing.

To help eachother out so that we have as many different scraps as we can (might be hard since we do have the same taste in fabric!) Erin and I are doing a scrap swap. This is my stack that I am mailing to her. Hopefully it all fits into the envelope.

Scrap Swap with Erin

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Rika said...

awesome and fun idea. Did Erin tell you...she is helping me make a lovey blanket for Addy. I just have to back it.


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