Thursday, September 23, 2010

Picnic String Quilt

I finally finished this quilt!!! It has taken me a long time and the only reason for that is I just could not find a way to quilt it to my liking.

Picnic String Quilt

I tried 4 different patterns and each time I un-picked it and started over.

Picnic String Quilt - back

I finally decided on diagonal lines and it was a pain to quilt it since my walking foot guide only stays on one side so I had a hard time quilting it with all of the quilt bunched up in the throat of the sewing machine.

front & back of quilt

I LOVE LOVE the apples as the binding. Thanks Erin for giving me some of yours I would not have had enough. The apples are from Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market one of my favorite lines.

hanging quilt

The quilt measures 58"x 58" so it is a good size for a picnic and taking to the park.

all folded

Thanks so much to my Sew Connected 3 group for helping me to make this awesome quilt! I am just sorry it took so long to make.


Bess said...

That is a beautiful quilt - I love your color selection!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I love that so much!! Love the border. Did you place the white in the same place for each block? I sooo want to make one of these and yours is so wonderful!!!

Laurence said...

Very beautiful. I love colours !

Alisa said...

It's a beautiful quilt! I love the border fabric (and the binding too.)

Lindsay said...

Such a lovely cheerful string quilt. Your fabric choices were spot-on.

Nova said...

Perfect choice of quilting Darci! I just adore this quilt, such yummy colours. x

Anina said...

Why do those blocks look so familiar to me?
I love, love, love the quilt.

Unknown said...

This looks great Darci! I love the colors too!...and the binding!:)

a good yarn said...

For all the drama, Darci, it looks amazing! I love the fabrics you have used. I definitely need to add a string quilt to my wish list. Ann :-)


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