Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It is the time for Swaps! I am in tons. They are so fun, stressful yes, since you are worried your secret partner might not like it. I received my package from my secret partner for the Urban Home Goods Swap. All the swaps I join are on flickr and if you want to join some join flickr!!! It is a great community of people.

Here is the mosaic that I made to help my partner out. I asked for a sewing machine cover or wall hangings. I told my partner also that my daughters room was done with Owls just in case she wanted to make something for her room.

Urban Home Goods Swap 2

And this is what I got. She fulfilled all of what I wanted when in reality the sewing machine cover would have just been awesome! They are hard work.

My sewing machine cover!

She made the embroidery of the sewing machine with the words "Sew in Love" and it is adorable. I have it by my nightstand next to Gwen's artwork, until we move next year and I can have a sewing room.

Sew in Love - embroidery hoop

Last but not least she made this amazing mini quilt for Gwen's room. It is the one of the top right. The embroidery of the owl is amazing! I need a sewing machine that can do that!

Owl Mini quilts

Girls room wall

Then I am in the swap Savvy Seasons which my partner wanted fall decorations. so far this is what I have come up with: a pumpkin. I LOVE him so. I will be finishing my project this week.

A little peek

Then I have this to finish. It is going to be a pillow that I am sending to my partner for the All About Christmas Swap along with the Tree wall hanging that I showed you earlier.

Making something Christmasy

I think that is a lot of swaps don't you???


Anonymous said...

Darci, wow! Just ran through your whole blog of the last few days..very impressive and colorful. Great Ideas and lots of work. Good job. I'm learning everyday from you MOM

CJ said...

CUTE STUFF!! How do you find the swaps on Flickr?? I know of a doll quilt swap but only because a friend is in it and I follow the group to see the cuteness.

The Four on Board said...

who made the other quilt on the girls wall? its adorable!

a good yarn said...

Yes, swaps are lots of fun and there are plenty out there. Your collage would have been very helpful to your partner and you have received some lovely things. The owl is too cute! Ann :-)

Angela said...

Hi! I'm a new "follower." I found you through Theodora Quilts!I've never participated in a sewing swap...it sounds fun! I really like the owl wall hanging!


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