Monday, September 20, 2010

Working hard for the Man

Everytime my husband goes to work my daughter and him have this conversation:

"Daddy where are you going today? "

"I am going to work."

"Why can't you stay home and play Daddy?"

"Because Gwenie I have to go and work hard for the Man."

So lately she has been asking me each time I am sewing, "Mommy are you working hard for the Man?"

I laugh everytime. Kids are so funny. Really my husband is the funny one.

So today this is what I am doing to work hard for the Man.

I got this quilt back from the long arm quilter and so I am working on the binding. It might take forever since the quilt is 90"x 112".

Binding my Cal King quilt today.

It might be alittle hard to cut the binding strips since I damaged my cutting mat.

Damaged my mat.

I took it with me to my in laws last week since they have lots of space and I could lay out the quilt to trim it all nicely. Well apparently it was really hot in the car and it got warped! I am so mad I tried all kinds of heavy things on it for days and nothing worked. It has damaged on 3 sides and it is crazy. Who knew leaving it in the car for 10 minutes while I unloaded things would do this?

Mat damaged

On another note I found out I get my braces off next month. WHOO HOO!!!! Did you know I had braces? You do now.

1 more month of braces!


Mandy said...

The same thing happened to my mat! I covered it with a towel and ironed over it for a while. It didn't fix it completely but it at least made it usable again until I can get a new one. Good luck!

missbossypants said...

I wondered if you could use the hot car to your advantage? Could you do the same with heavy objects to melt it back into place?
I like Mandy's idea of using her iron. A great temporary fix!

Cara @ Me? A Mom? said...

this exact thing happened to me. i put it out on our patio in the hot sun for the day and it flattened back out! now, the measurements probably are no longer true but at least i can use it for cutting.

Ida from Central PA said...

My DH saved my mat by heating the oven to 180 turned it off and put the mat in on card board and closed it. He left it in until the oven was cold.

Jenn said...

I wore braces as an adult for 4 years! My teeth felt so smooth and so BIG when they took them off! Congrats!!!


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