Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fabric on a Bike

Today I went to go and buy more of the Lotus print to finish the pillows for my bed but then I didn't walk away with just that.

Fabric on a bike

The bikes are Erin McMorris line Weekends and I love them!

Bikes, Flowers & Pebbles


~Michelle~ said...

ooh, what's the print on top of the blue wallflower?

Jill said...

just finished up a quilt tops for my best friend, who is an avid biker, with the go by bike in gray. It's such great fabric. I have it in the other colors too, brainstorming how to use it!

Erin @ Two More Seconds said...

love the purples and greys!

Michelle - it's from Park Slope.

a good yarn said...

Lovely fabrics! Ann :-)


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