Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ready for Halloween

Ready for Halloween

Is everyone ready??? We put up our decorations and bought a cute little pumpkin. Gweniveve keeps calling our house a pumpkin patch. Why is October such a fun month??? I just hope that the weather starts acting like it is October. It has been in the 90's and even went up to 113 degrees here one day, which is NOT October weather. I want my jeans and sweaters.


Duzza Bear said...

Man, here in Toronto it's like winter! I wish we could have some October weather too.
I've just finished sewing up a red felt dripping blood tablecloth for my porch. It's definitely getting me in the Halloween spirit. Now to make some specimen jars, and a dogbone garland. I love the Internet, but I always see so much cool stuff that it really adds to my to do list!
Love your blog.

a good yarn said...

Enjoy your festivities and let's hope you have some cool weather soon. Ann :-)


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