Sunday, November 14, 2010

Frustration + Blocks

I have not been doing alot of sewing lately or blogging since I finished my O'Christmas Tree quilt. I got it all quilted, bound and washed.

Basting & Quilting today

When I pulled it out of the wash one of the blocks had come to pieces. It was a block someone had made for me in one of my Quilting Bees. They had used reverse applique. All I can say is that I was so upset and sad. So much work went into making the quilt and now it was ruined.

My options are to un-pick the binding, the border then un-pick the whole block and take it out and make a new block and sew it in and re quilt it and bind it.


I can applique over the block with stabilizer and then just quilt around the tree through all three layers.

Either option sounds not so fun and makes the quilt something different. So needless to say it has given me pause in sewing.

Today I finally felt the need to sew and picked up Gwen's blue blocks and started to make some more blocks then I ran out of white kona. Of course! I still need to make 6 more white blocks and 7 more print blocks but I can't wait to get it done it is going to be soooo Gweniveve. Every print is different so every block is unique and also means that I have ALOT of blue fabrics!!!

WIP - Blue Blocks


Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Wow, that is just plain awful. I hope you find a way to applique over it that pleases you so you don't have to rip so much out and redo.

I'm loving watching this new quilt come along. I have found that I tend to overstash in pink and blue. So, yes, a blue quilt...

a good yarn said...

What a disappointment Darci! I think it's definitely worth trying to save. I like your blocks, pretty fabrics. Ann :-)

Kris said...

That's really too bad about your Christmas quilt. I hope you can save it. It sounds like some kind of applique option might be the easiest fix...

Kelly O. said...

Oh bummer! :(
Hello applique = goodbye old block

that's what I would do :)

jess said...

It's all beautiful from where I'm sitting though. xx I hope you keep your jive going with that quilt, it is gorgeous. :)

Sara said...

Applique over it with stabilizer girl! I think that would save you A LOT of time and frustration. Sewing can be unnerving like that once in awhile, but the final result will be great:)

~Michelle~ said...

ooh yucky yuck! I've been waiting to see this quilt finished too! On the plus side for the rest of us, it's a good warning to the rest of us about those applique bee blocks to make sure everything is secure before we quilt!


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