Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Favorite Color - quilt top

I have been doing alot more posts of the process of quilting since I have seen many people with this button on their blogs.

The Process Pledge

I think it is a great idea to show everyone the process and what goes into sewing and just not the finished products. So I have taken the process pledge!

Gweniveve has been begging me to make her a blue quilt as that is her favorite color. She also follows me when I go into my stash to find some fabrics and when I pull out one that is blue she tells me no that is for my blue blanket. So we have been collecting blue fabrics for awhile now and I finally finished all the blocks and got the top put together.

My Favorite Color - quilt top

The top is 57" x 80" which is alot larger than I was going for but it will be a great quilt for Gwen to have forever.

Blue quilt top

Every block is a different print which means my stash of blue is rather large! I plan to get this quilted and all done so that I can give it to Gwen for one of her Christmas presents since as we all know quilts are expensive and are alot of time to make especially ones that are this large.

blue blocks

I plan to quilt squares within the squares but we will see it might be a pain to turn this large of a quilt that much.


jess said...

Your daughter has great taste in fabric! :)

Erin @ Two More Seconds said...

this one might be my most favorite one you've ever made!

Unknown said...

I totally love love love it!!!! It's perfect, fresh and fun!

Rosalie said...

What a gorgeous quilt! I especially love the plaid fabric with flowers on it... do you know what it is? I'd love to add some of that to my stash!


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