Monday, December 6, 2010

WIP - a quilt for me

I have been collecting all my favorite fabrics, Flea Market Fancy, Katie Jump Rope, Moon Dots and Tula Pink's Ladybugs so that I can make a quilt for me.

a quilt for me

Today I got into the mood and started cutting. I had to stop thinking of what I would do with the fabric and what design I wanted. So I just started cutting and this is what became of it. A 20" x 20" square of perfection. It just makes me giddy, truly it does.

a patchwork start

Looks like I will be making a bunch of these squares of the next little while and then I might sash them (depending on how many I can make with the fabric I have. I don't have alot of most of the prints just Fat Quarters) if I need the quit to be larger. This project makes me really excited! If anyone has any of these fabric lines and wants to trade or share let me know it is for a good cause and I am actually going to use it and not hoard it.


Janna said...

I actually have quite a bit of the two pink FMF on top, they are cut into but I think still good cuts of it. I also have some the moon dots. If you have any excess of the FMF greens they're my fav or the blue or orange or yellow:) I would totally do a swap. I don't have hardly any FMF or Katie Jumprope which I love too but I did make my daughter a dress with those pinks - so now I'm sick of em;)

Unknown said...

looks lovely! I love all those beautiful prints together!!


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