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Getting to know Erin - Sewers Interview Series

I know I have not been doing Sewers Interview Series lately and I apologize. For some reason it has taken a back burner to other projects, but not this month! If you have been following my blog for these past years you know that Erin and I have been friends for 10 years and that once we started to have kids we both started to love to sew together.

saying goodbye to the old car

I thought this month would be great to get to know Erin more since she has some exciting things happening ( if you have seen the button on my sidebar and have clicked on it then you know what I am talking about) so here is Erin to tell us about herself:

Q: When did you start to sew?

I remember taking a sewing class when I was 8 or 9 in the basement of an old
fabric store, and my mom sewed off and on growing up so we had a machine in
the house that I played on from time to time. I took sewing in high school, so I
kind of knew how to sew from that class, but I really didn’t start to sew the way I
do now until my son was born in 2006.

Q: Did anyone teach you to sew or are you self taught?

Pretty much self taught. I’m sure I picked up a few things from those earlier
classes, but I’ve learned so much from You Tube videos and online tutorials!

Q: What do you like to sew?

Quilts, baby blankets, small zippy bags and pouches, bee blocks, little toys for
baby gifts or for my boys, and items for online swaps.

Q: Have ever used patterns? If so do you like patterns?

I am not a big fan of patterns, and don’t use them at all really. I don’t like to sew clothing, so I have never followed a pattern there. I’m more of a “look at it and wing it” girl myself.

Q: What is your favorite thing to sew?

Anything with bright, pretty fabrics! Is that answer a cop out? In general I just like sewing things for my friends and family. It makes me happy to see my boys reach for a blanket or quilt that I’ve made them when they cuddle up on the couch for a movie night.

Q: Do you have something that you made that is your all time favorite?

Probably my green and grey Daisy Chain quilt. Just because it was my first quilt
that I finished and I use it often. It’s not perfect but it reminds me of how far I’ve come in the past couple of years.


Q: What is your favorite fabric line / Designer?

There really isn’t any one fabric line or designer where I like 100% of their stuff. I much prefer to purchase a little here, a little there, and to mix and match from different lines. I can see the appeal of just buying up one whole line, because usually everything coordinates and flows nicely together, but I think I like the creativity more of putting different fabrics together. That said, I think that Katie
Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt is just about as close to perfection as a fabric line can be in my eyes, and I usually name that one as my “favorite line”!

Q: What are some of your sewing secrets?

Hmm … I probably don’t have any “secrets” but some things that work for me:
I change out my needle a LOT. They’re cheap enough and it usually makes
such a difference to have a brand new needle in there. I use an Elmers glue
stick to keep binding or fussy little pieces down so they don’t shift around. My
sewing machine desk is actually a computer desk that has one of those pull out
shelves below where the keyboard is supposed to sit, it’s a great place to keep
my scissors,pin cushion, leaders and enders.

Q: What sewing machine do you have? Do you like it or have one that you
wish for?

I have a mid-range Brother machine that sews great! It is basic but it does
everything I need on it and it isn’t fussy. I would love a new machine, who
wouldn’t?! Nothing specific in mind right now, though.

Q: As many people know already you are one of the fantastic duo of The
Sewing Summit
. Tell us a little bit about what that is and why you and Amy

decided to get it running.

We are calling The Sewing Summit a modern sewing and blogging conference,
and it’s just that: a place for modern sewists to be able to get together for the
weekend and learn and have fun and get to know each other off-line. There
is nothing exactly like what we’re planning out there right now for people like
us, and so we wanted to be able to give back to the community and create an
event that was made for the modern sewist. Of course, what you consider to
be “modern” is subjective. ;] It will really be an awesome conference full of
classes, networking events, panels, and just hanging out with the friends you’ve
made online and have known for years.

Q: What are some of your sewing goals for this year?

Besides trying to pull off a huge conference for hundreds of people? ;] I hope
my machine doesn’t forget who I am this year! Just kidding, I could never stop
sewing for myself – it makes me happy to be down in my sewing room alone
and amongst all my pretty fabric! Some of my sewing goals are: finish the twin
sized green, blue and white quilt for Masons bed.

Mason's quilt top = done!

Track down the last few pieces of Katie Jump Rope that I need to finish my collection and then sew something with it. Get some other random WIP’s out of the way so I can start 2012 with a completely clean sewing slate. Thanks Darci!


Jacey said...

Great post! I'm so excited about the Sewing Summit, and I enjoyed this view of Erin's sewing life. Thanks!

Barb said...

Great interview, Darci. I'm so impressed with Erin's work on the Sewing Summit. I'm so sad that I can't go. And I didn't know you've been friends for so long...lucky you!

Naturally Carol said...

Great interview! I love the quilt she is doing for her son, the white stripes really give a crispness to the other fabrics.

SewSara said...

I came over from darci's blog but it's fun to get to know her better. Thanks for the great post and it's fun to find another awesome sewing blogger!


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