Monday, February 14, 2011

Gwen's favorite color quilt

I finished Gwen's quilt the other day. I pieced the back, basted, quilted, made binding, and then finally bound it and washed it all in one day. I am sharing with you the progress of this quilt since I think it is fun sometimes to see a quilt from start to finish.

First I started with a bunch of blue prints that Gweniveve picked out along with Kona in white and peacock. I did half blocks with the print on the outside and the Kona peacock in the middle then the print in the middle and the Kona white on the outside.

Some progress

Then I laid them out alternating the blocks then sewed them together in rows until the top was done.

My Favorite Color - quilt top

Then I pieced the back which I did not take a picture of. Once that was done I basted the quilt on the floor to get it ready to pin.

in progress - basting

Then I started pinning all 3 layers together.

Basting - 41:365

Then I quilted it. I did straight line quilting, 2 straight lines on each side of the seams.

in progress - quilting

Then I pulled out a couple of fabrics and laid them next to the quilt to figure out what binding I wanted and I could not decide so I just asked Gweniveve and she choose the green Metro Living circles.

In progress : Choosing a binding

Then I made my binding. I always cut my binding at 3" because I like having plently of room with my binding. I bound the quilt and it was all done. Gweniveve loved it!

Gwen's Blue quilt

The I put it in the wash to get all nice and clean and the next morning I hung it on my front door to get pictures of it. The quilt is 56" x 80".

Gwen's favorite color quilt

Here is the back with Gweniveve's favorite print from Park Slope by Erin McMorris. This girl just loves blue.

Gwen's Favorite Color Quilt - back

All folded.


We all laid under the quilt that night and watched Pawn Stars one of my favorite shows! So now I only have one other WIP from last year to finish which feels amazing.  I only have 1 WIP left on my shelf. Whoo Hoo.  I usually don't have many WIP's as I like to start and finish something before I start a new one but sometimes that doesn't work out.


Phyllis said...

I love blue too and I love this quilt. I also love the green binding.

Natalie said...

I love this metro market print as a binding!

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Yes, I love this quilt and the binding suits it to a Tee. Just in my range of loved colors, too. Great choices.

Alisa said...

I like it! Nice to get your daughter involved in the process.

Rosa said...

Lovely! I love the pop of yellow/orange in the quilt too.

Wendy said...

Lucky Gwen, it's a gorgeous quilt. I love blue too so I understand, it's always the colour I choose!

SewSara said...

super cute quilt and i love your daughter's name! :)

katie jean said...

Gorgeous! I am just loving your blog! and your quilts :) My sister in Virgina sent me your link. And I am so glad she did :)


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