Thursday, February 3, 2011

A sewing frenzy!

Today I woke up and just wanted to sew. Awesomeness! I have been so out of it with sewing since the move and my stuff not being organzied but I got my mojo back today and sewed like crazy. First I made a pillow to go in my room to match the quilt I am making.

My Square Pillow

I have my blocks for the quilt on my design wall (aka living room wall) for now. I am just so in love right now it is crazy! These colors are sooooo me.

a pillow and a quilt

I did straight line quilting on this one down and across and it is perfect.

Straight lines pillow

Then after that was done I finally gave in to Gwen. She has been begging me like crazy to make a blanket for Pooh. I was hoping she would forget soon since I joined in the Doll Quilt Swap 10 and was hoping for a quilt for her but oh well. I can always use it on my wall in my sewing room and also I bet Gwen will use a billion blankets if she had them.

Pooh's Blanket - WIP

Gwen picked out all the fabrics and told me that she wanted all colors and it to be a rainbow. We got the top done and went to baste it but found out I am all out of batting pieces that are big enough. Hopefully tomorrow we can go to JoAnn's and buy some because apparently Pooh is FREEZING! So we must hurry :) Oh to be a (almost) 4 year old. On that note I found this super cute sewing machine that I am going to buy her for her Birthday. I just wish it came in blue since that is her favorite color, but oh well. What do you think? Has anyone bought this? How is it?


Katie said...

Super cute machine! I know Monica has a HK machine, I think hers is turquoise. Not sure if it's the same make or model though.
I've just discovered your blog, I like your style!

So Bella said...

Awesome Darci! I love the pillow!!

~Michelle~ said...

look who's hording the green wallflower print! :) cute lil quilt for Pooh, it has been cold here! I forgot to turn on the heater last night, and it was 62 in our house when my hubs woke up -brrr!

Erin Marie said...

Ooh, let us know how that machine works out. My daughter would LOVE one.

Briana said...

Hi, linked to your site through my sis who's a reader. :)

To the question though, for a $20 machine, you get what you pay for. I bought this one

and it rocks, big time. My 8yr old is learning how to sew on it, and I feel confident that it will be hers until my 2 year old is big enough to use it.

Crystal Hendrix said...

Oh we bought this sewing machine or one just like it at Joannes...the problem is , it doesn't really sew at all! So if you want her to just kinda pretend to sew and go through the motions than good. But I got it for my son who wanted his own sewing machine that he could actually sew we got him this and just wanted to give you a heads up! :D

Wendy said...

I love that pillow - gorgeous colours. You should enter it into the Pillow Parties at Stitched in Colour and SMS.

Barb said...

Great pillow, Darci! A beautiful mix of greens and aqua. Let us know what you decide for your daughter's machine...maybe I should get one for my daughter too.

Jacey said...

Your new pillow is fabulous!

Catherine said...

I love your new pillow, gorgeous colours, so fresh and happy. Your matching quilt is going to be fab!

SewSara said...

oh i did the same thing for ruby (my 4 yr old) for christmas ... i got her a machine similar to that (the one from joanns) and it didn't work at all. we ended up taking it back and ruby is happy to wait a bit longer for her OWN machine. til then, she helps in other ways (see my post a few days ago haha).


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