Friday, February 18, 2011

Starting WIP's

I started some WIP's over the last couple of days since I was in a mood. I shouldn't have since we are having my BIL and sister here tomorrow to help us work on the house for over a week and I needed to put away all the sewing since my BIL will be taking down the popcorn ceiling ( hallelujah!!!!) and getting the old light fixtures replaced and my sister and I will be painting the whole downstairs. It was hard to choose a color but I finally did and I know I am going to love it. It is Ralph Lauren Crested Butte. I will get pictures of it for you all next week. But on to the blocks....

I have been wanting to make a yellow/aqua quilt for awhile. I am really into those colors I painted the girls bathroom yellow and everything else is aqua and I love it. I grabbed all the yellow fabrics I have been collecting and pulled out the Kona solid in Azure to go with it.


After debating on what to do Gwen told me to make a triangles quilt and hey why not I have not ever made one so it would be great to step out of my comfort zone of my typical squares ( which don't get me wrong is my favorite).

Flying geese #2

I am going to try to have each block be a different arrangement of triangles aka flying geese blocks and hopefully I can keep that up.

Flying geese #1

Then today I was thinking about and stalking my partner in the Doll Quilt Swap and really wanted to get started on it. After thinking about it I ditched my original idea of books and decided a simpler quilt was more my mood and seemed to be more to the tastes of my partner. I know she loves Far Far Away so that is what I used for the base of my blocks and if she doesn't like them I know my daughters will love it. They are the ones that I bought the FFA for anyway.

Sneaky Peak

I am going to place them off center and pair them with linen or a solid of yellow, orange or pink. I really need to lay them on each and decide what looks best.

FFA blocks - 49:365

Since it has been raining here in good ole Orange County the girls have taken to playing in the garage and staying in their jammies most of the day. They have been totally entertaining me with their singing and dancing.

Gwenie singing -  47: 365Miss P singing

I am very lucky to have girls that love to play together and love the new house. It allows me to feed my passion of sewing.


Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

What great pics of your girls!

I especially love that first geese block. that design always has such great movement.

Your FFA2 blocks are looking nice too =)

Jacey said...

I absolutely love the start you've made on your yellow and aqua quilt! Yummy!

Angela Nash said...

Love it all! Those are awesome yellows - always seem hard to find good ones. And that FFA quilt looks just like my fabric stack of the day! Very nice blocks!

Elena said...

Ooohh! All very pretty! Pretty yellow stack and very pretty FFA blocks! :)

Barb said...

Darci, I love your new WIPs. I have a similar stack of yellows and aquas on my sewing table for the new baby's quilt. I still haven't decided on a design yet though. And of course, I adore your FFA blocks. Lovely. Hope the painting went well.


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