Thursday, March 10, 2011

In a fabric coma

I was needing to do some cleaning up and so I was organizing some of my stash this morning, and I was in heaven. I was having lots of fun looking at some of my favorite fabrics.

Here is my Henna Garden collection from Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market and Meadowsweet lines. I have had some of these fabrics for years when Farmers Market first came out. Love.

My Henna Garden collection

Left side is Farmers Market = COMPLETE
Right side Meadowsweet = missing Raspberry ( which I might be getting from Erin)

Henna Garden

I have been swapping alot for Park Slope by Erin McMorris since it is one of my favorite fabric lines and I used most of my stash of it on this quilt and I want to use it for the Single Girl pattern

My Park Slope is growing

I store all of my fabric in plastic containers and keep them in the closet. I needed more since I have been getting alot more fabric so as I was organizing I put these fabrics in one along with some of my FFA2 from Heather Ross I am saving for a quilt for the girls. It is my favorite bin now.

My favorite fabric bin

What are some of your favorite fabrics?


Angela said...

mmmm, such pretty fabrics! I've had my share of park slope, and only the bikes from the other line. but they are all so beautiful!!

Rachel Hauser said...

I also adore the Henna Garden, especially together. Someone needs to do a large-cut rainbow project with those beauties.

Jeni said...

YUM! I love your favorite fabrics! I am still looking for the elusive pink henna! one of these days! :)

My favorite fabrics are park slope (duh!), mendocino, henna, weekends, good folks, anything bright and cheerful really!

angela said...

Park Slope was some of the very first fabric I bought - and is still my favorite. I covet every piece I have and try to use it as well! It will be sad when I run out.

Amelia said...

I must say that is one lovely box of fabrics! I hope you find the fabrics that are missing :)

Allison said...

I love the meadowsweet fabrics, especially the henna garden (in any color) and the splashy rose in the pumpkin colorway :)

katie jean said...

It is all so gorgeous! But right now I am loving Sherbet Pips. It is so fun and fanciful.

Bonita Rose said...

Oh my... fabric love. xo

Anonymous said...

I realize this post is almost a year old, but I just had to comment. I love your blog! I've been going all through it and I am hooked! My favorite lines are Mendocino, Far Far Away and Soul Blossoms. My first two girls have quilts made from Soul Blossoms and Opal Owl but with my third (due this June) I was finally able to buy some Mendocino and Far Far Away fabrics to make hers. I don't know who will enjoy the quilt more! Now to decide whether I want a Wonky Stars or Plus quilt ;)! Thanks for all the inspiration!


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