Thursday, March 10, 2011

In a fabric coma

I was needing to do some cleaning up and so I was organizing some of my stash this morning, and I was in heaven. I was having lots of fun looking at some of my favorite fabrics.

Here is my Henna Garden collection from Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market and Meadowsweet lines. I have had some of these fabrics for years when Farmers Market first came out. Love.

My Henna Garden collection

Left side is Farmers Market = COMPLETE
Right side Meadowsweet = missing Raspberry ( which I might be getting from Erin)

Henna Garden

I have been swapping alot for Park Slope by Erin McMorris since it is one of my favorite fabric lines and I used most of my stash of it on this quilt and I want to use it for the Single Girl pattern

My Park Slope is growing

I store all of my fabric in plastic containers and keep them in the closet. I needed more since I have been getting alot more fabric so as I was organizing I put these fabrics in one along with some of my FFA2 from Heather Ross I am saving for a quilt for the girls. It is my favorite bin now.

My favorite fabric bin

What are some of your favorite fabrics?


Angela {fussycut} said...

mmmm, such pretty fabrics! I've had my share of park slope, and only the bikes from the other line. but they are all so beautiful!!

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

I also adore the Henna Garden, especially together. Someone needs to do a large-cut rainbow project with those beauties.

Jeni Baker said...

YUM! I love your favorite fabrics! I am still looking for the elusive pink henna! one of these days! :)

My favorite fabrics are park slope (duh!), mendocino, henna, weekends, good folks, anything bright and cheerful really!

Angela Nash said...

Park Slope was some of the very first fabric I bought - and is still my favorite. I covet every piece I have and try to use it as well! It will be sad when I run out.

Amelia said...

I must say that is one lovely box of fabrics! I hope you find the fabrics that are missing :)

Allison said...

I love the meadowsweet fabrics, especially the henna garden (in any color) and the splashy rose in the pumpkin colorway :)

katie jean said...

It is all so gorgeous! But right now I am loving Sherbet Pips. It is so fun and fanciful.

Bonita Rose said...

Oh my... fabric love. xo

Anonymous said...

I realize this post is almost a year old, but I just had to comment. I love your blog! I've been going all through it and I am hooked! My favorite lines are Mendocino, Far Far Away and Soul Blossoms. My first two girls have quilts made from Soul Blossoms and Opal Owl but with my third (due this June) I was finally able to buy some Mendocino and Far Far Away fabrics to make hers. I don't know who will enjoy the quilt more! Now to decide whether I want a Wonky Stars or Plus quilt ;)! Thanks for all the inspiration!


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