Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lose ends

So sorry for the lack of posts but there has been alot going on. My bathrooms are under construction, I also got into a car accident and that has thrown me for a loop. Atleast I have had my brother in law here doing the construction and not a stranger that has helped and he is great and is doing all that we need done in the house.

Bathroom Demo - 73:365

On a better note, don't forget Mug Rug Madness going on over at Erin's blog. Enter here to have a chance to win a Mug Rug from one of the ones that are featured this week and next. My day along with my awesome tutorial of the Mug Rug I make will be the last day March. 31st don't miss it!


~Michelle~ said...

Ooh, hope you're ok! And talk about crazy renovation time - that bathroom looks nuts (ours are down on the list a ways)!

Wendy said...

oh no, are you alright?

Barb said...

Yikes...are you okay? Were the kids with you? And renos too....we did one bathroom last spring and it was crazy. Totally worth it, but crazy. Take care of yourself!

Anna Smith said...

I love how yours out. I have always wanted to make one of these. I bet you will get so much use with your new bench come to Summertime. There is a tree in my backyard that I’ve always wanted to have a wrap-around bench. I’m going to pin yours in hopes of following your awesome tutorial one day to make one for my tree.
retaining walls


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