Friday, April 29, 2011

Making Curtains

With my Mom here visiting I have got tons of things done! We have washed windows, hung up lots of art, family photos, sewed and hung TONS of curtains and rods (the rod part is a pain in the butt). I told you a little bit ago that I bought a whole bolt of fabric from the new DS Quilts Collection from JoAnn's to make Penelope curtains. We "tried" to cut them out but someone kept wanting to lay on the fabric, apparently it is soft.

I love my new curtains

Once we were able to get them cut out. We pinned in some black out curtains and started sewing. Here I am sewing one panel while my mom is in the background pinning. My dad was nice enough to take the picture.

Making curtains

Then we had to hang up the rod which is so annoying. I hate measuring and making sure everything is lined up and straight. Luckily my mom is a pro.

New curtains - 118:365

They really complete the room. They already have been used as a hiding place. Penelope loves to go behind them and hide from us or play peek a boo.

Miss P's Room

Then my mom suggested we add a ruffle to the top of Gweniveve's pink curtains to add some fun and make them extra cute. I again used the fabric from DS Quilts Collection.

Curtains for Gwen

I didn't like it until we added the ribbon at the bottom of the ruffle but now I LOVE them.

New ruffle

Now I am off to choose some fabric for new pillows for my tv room as the colors have changed. It will be interesting as these colors are not my usual, red, green, gold, brown. I will let you know how it goes.


CJ said...

Could your mom come visit me for awhile??? Great projects you've completed!

Sara said...

Your mom is great---keep her close to you always.
Love your new curtains!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

How precious! Exactly...can your mom come visit me too?? You guys did a great job! Jenn

Bonita Rose said...

the ruffle valance is beautiful! I need some of that fabric!

Michelle said...

The curtains look great, very snazzy!

Unknown said...

oh, i love the curtains! i've never sewn linings into curtains, but i've only ever sewn valances. i need a mom-pro to help me :o) !!!

a good yarn said...

Curtains are a lot of work but the results are terrific.

Angela {fussycut} said...

Darci, they are gorgeous! great call on your DS fabric, they make the perfect curtains.

jenni said...

Wow. These are charming!

Anonymous said...

These turned out so wonderful! I love to sew with Mom! You will learn so much and have such a great time!
See you soon,

Unknown said...

you just gave me a GREAT idea! I have no curtains in Maggie's room - but I do have enough white sail cloth curtains that I could hang up. AND they would be extra cute with some print at the top like you've done here. You are a genius. Now I don't have to make new curtains or buy new ones. And I'm sure I have enough fabric to do something fun. Maybe LOVE scraps to match her quilt.... THANK YOU!


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