Friday, June 17, 2011

Quilt Story Feature

Fresh Poppy Design

Have you all seen the blog Quilt Story? Well it is a great blog sharing stories of people quilts and why they made them and who they made them for. So many great stories. Well they featured my Lotus Squared Quilt today.....

My Luck has changed! - 117:365

......and my HUGE story that goes along with it through months and months. Please go and check it out!


Unknown said...

Lovely story ... I can't imagine how angsty I would be if I'd made all that effort and then it just 'disappeared'!!

Meesh1957 said...


I just found your site through Tip Nut! Congrats on finding your quilt!!
I found reading the quilt story piece that they offer an email option for subscriptions. Would you consider doing the same? Please... :D

Keep quilting, I am an EPP quilter, so I can imagine how you must have felt with your quilt.

Thanks so much!



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