Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tumbling Quilt - Tutorial

I finished the tumble block quilt I made for my childhood friend who is having her first girl. I thought I would share a tutorial. Tumble blocks are easy to make.

Tumbling Quilt

First step is to decide how large of a block you want. I wanted to make a baby quilt so I used my 8.5" template that I had (you can cut out a template with cardboard or just use your ruler to get the right size). Place your template on your fabric and cut out all of your squares. I cut out 25 blocks. 20 in prints & 5 in white Kona for the outside of the quilt. ( you don't have to use the white solid for the outside of the quilt you can use prints. I just wanted this quilt to be sashed in white).

Step 1

Step 2

Once all of your squares are cut then you take your ruler and place it diagonally on one side of your block. Start on the bottom right corner and place the top right corner in 1.5"

Step 3

Here is a close look at the top corner.

Step 3.5

Cut of the diagonal as shown. Repeat for the other side of the block.

Step 4

Now your block should look like this. You have your tumble block. Repeat for all the blocks.

Step 5

Now at this point I took my 5 white tumble blocks for the outside of the quilt and cut them all in half.

Step 6

Step 7

Then I took all of my blocks and laid them out so I could get it the way I wanted it to look. Make sure you lay them in rows switching the blocks so one block has the short length on top and the next one has the longer length on top and so forth.

Step 8

Then I grabbed them in rows to sew them together. I forgot to get a picture of sewing the white to the print but it is the same process. Make sure the top corners and bottom corners match up. You will be sewing on the diagonal. The picture explains everything.

Step 9

Once it is sewn it opens up to look like this. All nice and straight.

Step 10

Sew all of your rows together.

Step 11

Then assemble your top.

Tumbling quilt top

There you go! If you want to make a tumble block just follow these same directions but us a smaller template.

Mine is all washed and ready to get in the mail to my friend. After washing this quilt it is 35"x 30" perfect for the stroller, carseat and an everyday blanket.

Tumbling folded


Karen said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I love the big tunmbler blocks.

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial. I just did a tumbler quilt and will have a tutorial up next week. I did mine a little different with a template that Missouri Quilt Co. sent to me. What a blessed baby to recive your quilt!

4dreamsr said...

Nice tut! Such a fun, happy little baby quilt.

Catherine said...

Thanks for the tutorial! Sounds all so easy. I've been wanting to make a tumbler quilt for a while now so now I have no excuse!

Laura said...

I love this quilt. I noticed in your pictures that you made five rows of tumbling blocks but your finished quilt has four rows. Did you use the other row on the back?

Anonymous said...

While this quilt is nice it is NOT a Tumbling Block, it is a Tumbler. A tumbling block is made of 3 diamonds, this is a tumbler in that the piece resembles a drinking glass or "tumbler".

Anonymous said...

I could not find an explanation as to how you cut the white side parts of the tumbler block. I did see that you cut your large squares in half, but then the next photo showed them cut and laid in place.

jan said...

Great quilt! I have a layer cake that will be perfect for this!
Thanks so much for sharing!

KristaKay said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I found you through Flickr and have linked this quilt on Pinterest. Beautiful and talented!
thank you! :)


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