Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fabric IS art!

I finished the mini quilt for Penelope's room and along with it I painted a frame and added in a fun print by Alexander Henry. Fabric can make such great art don't you think?

Fabric IS art!

Making these things for Penelope's room made me change some things around and realize I need a rug for her room but I haven't found the right one.

Penelope's art

The curtains my Mom and I made have really completed the room and I love that print from Denyse Schmidt's DS collection.

Penelope's Room

Now I am just on the search for the perfect rug (and really dying for some new carpet for the whole house but that has to wait) and then I think her room will be complete. Well complete until she gets out of her crib and into a bed then the whole room will have to be rearranged. I have no idea where I will put her bed when that happens.


It felt good to make a little mini quilt. Now my next big project is to get back to sewing blocks for the quilt I am making for my bed. Remember them? I know it has been awhile since I started it but I am determined to get it done! I really want it on my bed.

Apple Mini Quilt

Penelope loves her room which makes me happy. Now I am off to concentrate on my bed quilt!

Loves her room


Jenny said...

What a cute room! I think a yellow rug would look great in there. Maybe something like this?

Sara said...

I agree with Jenny--you should do yellow or even orange!

Your daughter is sweet!

Susan said...

Such a lovely room! Great job :)

Lexilooo said...

I love that mini! Also, Penelope is one of my favorite girls names!


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