Friday, August 5, 2011

How to use your Go! Baby cutter

Here is a loose tutorial on how to use your Go! baby cutter along with making an apple core mini quilt.

First you need to get all of your fabric together for this project. I am making a mini quilt to hang up in my daughters room so I choose all of these fun colors. The second one from the bottom is her curtains so this quilt will go perfectly with them.

fabric for apple core block

Next you can pile up as much as 6 fabrics on the cutter to cut at once but for this step I only used one since I am just showing you how to use the cutter. Lay your fabric on the square pad.

Tutorial 1

Then you place the mat on top

Tutorial 2

Then you feed it into the go! baby. I had a hard time at first, you really need to push it in hard to get the roller to pick it up. Once I figured that out it was easier and then you roll it all the way through.

Tutorial 3

After it is all through you pull off the access fabric. The template that I choose was the apple core and it has 4 points on it that are super helpful as guides to line up the apple cores when you are sewing them together but I found that the bottom one didn't cut all the way and I had to pull at some strings.

Tutorial 4

You can see the points in this picture. This is where you are all done and you have all of your cuts ready to start sewing. I do have to say this was way easier than cutting this block out all by myself which I probably would not have done :)

Tutorial 5

To sew your first block together you line up the points and sew to one side of the point pulling the fabric along in that half circle. Here is a great video of what I mean.

WIP - 205:365

Then you sew all your blocks together and you have your top.

apple core top done

I then trimmed off the curves so that I had a rectangle to make it easier to bind the quilt but you can use bias binding and keep the curves. Here it is all done. The finished size is 21" x 16".

Apple Mini Quilt

Later I will do a post of it hung up in my daughters room. Also next week I will have a giveaway for a Go! Baby Cutter so don't forget to look for it.


jednoiglec said...

Great tutorial!
Could you tell me what seem allowance do you used in your apple core?

Katy Cameron said...

Cool, and thanks for the video, I was wondering how they would go together

Paige said...

That is so cute! I'm excited about following your bog.



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