Thursday, August 11, 2011

An inside joke pillow

So one of my amazing flickr/blog friends Amber made this awesome word pillow for Erin I emailed her to see if she would be up for a little swap between us. I wanted one of those pillows! My husband and I have had this inside joke for these past 11 years of marriage (crazy how time flies) and I knew it would be perfect for Amber's word pillows.

Doesn't it go awesome with the pillow I made to go on my bed once I ever finish my new bed quilt? Well these 2 pillows, for now, are on my living room couch but they will be moved onto my bed once the new quilt is completed.

An inside joke pillow

I am making Amber a Jane Market bag since that is what she wanted. I have had a little set back and have not been sewing so hopefully I will get to feeling better and make her bag ASAP!!! Being late with things is one of my biggest pet peeves so I HATE it when I am the one late. I should have waited to share this pillow until I made the bag and posted them together but I had to share the pillow today. IT sure boosted my spirits today so I wanted to share that you with you all.

p.s. The go! baby cutter giveaway is still open here it is don't forget to enter!


Cille said...

Oh wow... Itotally love the bright colors. Crazy and wild, yet beautiful. Your couch is spoiled. ;)

Unknown said...

That pillow is so meant to be yours! I love it.

And now I feel bad! I'm on your pet peeve list, I'm sure of it! I'm so late on so many things!! aaaahhhhh!!!!! I'm sorry!!!


Naturally Carol said...

Fabulous! Love the sense of humour too!

Sadie said...

Great pillow, love the colours :-)
Hope you are feeling better soon x

Anonymous said...

Love those color selections and the saying is just too cute!
Can't wait to see the bag :)


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