Friday, August 19, 2011

Pillows for the TV room

I have been working hard to make pillows for the tv room. When we moved into this house in February we changed our colors in the tv room so I have been needing all new pillows. Red is the most prominent color since those are the colors of the drapes along with gold, green with maybe some orange.

Choosing the fabrics is one of the best yet frustrating parts of the sewing process to me. Luckily I thought I had some good stacks. This is the first one I pulled together. It is new for me to use black prints but I am really liking them, when used sparingly.

WIP a pillow

I loved this pillow so I thought I would use Amanda's tutorial to make me one. This pillow is 20"x 20" and I call it my Red Arrow pillow. It really looks great with the 2 pillows that I bought at Target. I just LOVE the flower one soooo much from Target.

Red Arrow Pillow

Some more black I used. I do have tons of black in my house. Most of my furniture is black so I do love it.

Side of Red Arrow

Next up was making a half square triangle pillow using my go! baby cutter to cut them all for me it helped tons! I am just not the skilled when it comes to HST so I was glad to have the go! baby even though it doesn't cut perfectly (alot of times I have to cut strings) but it is better than me doing it.

Making a pillow

This one ended up being 19"x 19" which was nice since I stuffed it with my Ikea down pillow form that I got for almost $7 (thanks Erin for telling me about them) which is 20x20.I love the stuffed look of the pillows.

Red & Gold pillow

Then I made the little 12"x 12" chevron pillow using Premier Prints home dec fabric. This is my husband and my favorite size pillow along with a larger one to lay on and watch tv on the couch. I also bought the chevron fabric in yellow to make another pillow for the couch but the fabric came with tons of flaws so I am waiting on another shipment of the fabric before I make another one.

Pillows on my couch

All the pillows won't always be on this one couch but for photography reasons it seemed like a great idea. I am loving the way the tv room is coming together with all the fun colors. I am just wanting to make another small pillow once I get it in the mail and maybe one more large pillow so each couch will have 2 or more of the large ones.


Unknown said...

Those all look great Darci! Love them!

Meg said...

I love them! They look fab!

Andrea said...

Congratulations are precious

Sara said...

You are the pillow queen--he,he love them all and do you make them with the removable covers as well?

Melissa said...

The pillows turned out great! I love the bright colors :)

Anita said...

I love them!

Laura said...

Love the red arrow one!!!

Lexilooo said...

This looks so great! I really love the one with the yellow-y flowers!

Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane said...

Those pillows are super cheerful and happy. Love them!

Lauren Phelps said...

I love seeing all those awesome pillows on one couch! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

These are so colorful! I love how all the colors play together. Selecting color can be frustrating at times...but you did good girl!

a good yarn said...

Those colours just pop!

corners of my life said...

Great pillows.
I couldn't agree more - "Choosing the fabrics is one of the best yet frustrating parts of the sewing process"

Debbie said...

Your pillows are out of this world beautiful! I bet you just smile when you walk into the room.

Thanks for sharing.



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