Friday, September 16, 2011

Mug Rug Madness - Christmas Tree tutorial

Erin is hosting another round of Mug Rug Madness but this time it is with a Christmas theme. This round is sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop who has such an amazing array of quilt clubs, quilt kits & a very large selection of fat quarter bundles. My stack of fabrics are Countdown to Christmas by Sweetwater which was so different for me to use since my normal is bright fabrics but I am just loving black lately. Ok so here is the tutorial that am sharing with all you based on my Christmas pillow I made for my sister years ago.

Supplies Needed-

Tutorial 1

Fabric strip for the tree:
1"x 2"
Selvage from fabric (an little something extra but not needed)
.75"x 2.5"
3.5" x 1.5"
3"x 1"

1" x 1.5"

Background fabric:
5" x 9"

Fusible Wonder under or any kind of fusible webbing

1. To start cut out all of your strips for the tree along with the strips of fusible web to go along with each tree strip. I just cut out the fabric then lay it on the fusible webbing and then cut it out that way.

2. Trace a star on a piece of paper for the top of the tree.

Tutorial 2

3. Cut the star out.

Tutorial 3

4. Pin the star of the fabric you are using for the star and cut out. Place the fabric star on the fusible webbing and either trace around the star with pencil and cut out or just cut out around the star with scissors.

Tutorial 4

5. Now you have everything cut out. Lay everything out on the background fabric in the order that you want.

Tutorial 5

6. Start at the trunk of the tree and place the Fusible web on the wrong side of the fabric and iron it in place. Continue to do this moving from the bottom to the top of the tree until it is all ironed on. I place the star a little on the top strip so it overlaps. Now it should look something like this.

Tutorial 6

7. Next I get the batting and backing fabric and lay them together and pin it a couple of times to help hold it in place.

Tutorial 7

8. Then I start quilting the strips. Quilt around each of them so that there is a little fabric hanging loose so that when you wash this mug rug it will get a little ragged.

Tutorial 8

9. Once you are done with that just trim off the access fabric and batting and you are ready to bind your mug rug.

Tutorial 9

Now you have an awesome Christmas Tree mug rug. Don't forget that when you wash it the ends get ragged and just helps with the Christmas tree look!

Chrismtas tree mug rug

Don't forget to go over to Two More Seconds and enter the giveaway to win one of the Mug Rugs or fabric prizes!

16 comments: said...

This one is my favorite, so far , in the mug rug hop!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love your MR!

eileensideways said...

the fabrics are so cute and i love the design. like how u finished it too. i can't see making separate binding for such a small piece.

Barb said...

So cute, Darci. I love how you used the selvege - so clever.

Angie said...

oh my word, this is so cute!!! Love the star. Must make. :)

a good yarn said...

Gorgeous! Love the black spotted binding.

corners of my life said...

Perfectly detailed tutorial. Thanks so much.

the davidsons said...

Super cute!

leigh said...

cute! as always :)

Suzanne said...

What a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing your tutorial.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing... LOVE THE PILLOWS BELOW! Good WORK.

Shannon said...

SO CUTE!! Thank you for the tut, it is easy and looks so great!!

Linda said...


Snoodles said...

Thanks for sharing your tutorial! This looks like a great quick gift.

leanne said...

great tutorial and such a cute tree - thanks

Kate said...

So cute! Love it!


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