Monday, October 17, 2011

My Sewing Summit Experience!

Finally here is all the happened for me at the Sewing Summit! It was alot of fun but I was there to work and help Erin out but I still got time in to meet so many awesome people. It was so amazing to find out that all the people that I connected with on blogs, flickr and twitter are the same fun people in real life!

I took these pictures on my iphone with instagram since we were inside the whole time and the lighting wasn't great.

The Sewing Summit Instagram style

Friday was great. Once I flew in I called Erin and said I was in the lobby! She ran out to the lobby for a big hug and some tears. It had been almost a year since we had seen eachother in person. We had a little time to talk and eat and I got to meet Amy.

Once everyone got back from the shop hop I worked at the registration desk which was fun meeting people that way. Then it was time to get ready for the meet and greet! My roomie Amy and I got into our hotel room at the Little American Hotel which was so pretty and the rooms where HUGE!

I went out of my comfort zone and walked up to just about everyone I could in groups and introduce myself and get to know others since I was only there for a short time I didn't want to be mad at myself for not meeting everyone I could in person. Then it was time for Erin & Amy to raffle off prizes. The hotel had not given them a microphone so Erin asked me to shout loud and get everyone's attention and do the raffle! Well I do have to say that was really fun. I just about lost my voice too.

Sewing Summit 2011

photo credit Jen from Betty Crocker Ass

and the next winner is...

photo credit Amy from amylouwho (my roomie)

The reception even got a little crazy! I don't know why but I always stick my tongue out it comes from my side of the family. This is Jen, Angela, Jessica & I. This just might be my favorite picture from the weekend! Thanks Jen for taking such a fun one.

Sewing Summit 2011

photo credit Jen from Betty Crocker Ass

Sewing Summit

photo credit Jen from Betty Crocker Ass

I was really excited to meet Jeni and Amanda! We had chatted so much and we have so much fabric in common that I knew we would just have tons of fun together! All I can say is that meeting everyone is person really put the icing on the cake! Now there are voices that come out of my computer.

Me, Jeni & Erin

Me, Jeni & Erin

Amanda & I


We also got our Quilting Bee group Bee Tweet that I started over on flickr together to get a picture. We were only missing 3 people. How awesome is that?!?!?


photo credit Amy from amylouwho (my roomie)

Erin & I friends ( in real life) for over 11 years. I am so happy that Amy got this good one of us. My smile is starting to look forced at this point. So many pictures!


photo credit Amy from amylouwho (my roomie)

My roomie Amy and I. We had been talking on the phone for a long time now and it was so awesome to finally meet in real life. I just love her.


The one bad side to Sewing Summit was coming home and realizing that all the awesome people live FAR away from me and it is going to be a long time before I can meet them again. I highly recommend saving up your money to go next year. Everyone is just so nice and the classes are of course amazing and really fun.


Jeni Baker said...

It was SO great meeting you Darci! I'm so glad we had time to chat and relax together! You are such a scream! :)

Unknown said...

I LOVED meting you SO much, Darci. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip!!

Faith Jones said...

I loved meeting you Darci..."you're so tall!!!" LOL! I will be counting down the days until the next Sewing Summit. :)

Faith Jones said...

Yes, I'm am using Darci to test my blog reply goodness. Thanks Darci! :)

Michele said...

It's been fun seeing all the posts of the summit. I must say that you all look so pretty!

Unknown said...

awwww! I love you too! It was so fun to hang out! I just wish we had more time. And yes, I agree, depressing to realize how far away everyone is. Waaaaaaaaahh!!!

Elena said...

I had so much fun at Summit and it was nice meeting you! I'm the one who may or may not have accosted you in the lobby and introduced myself :) After following all your Flickr goodness for so long and loving it all, it was like meeting a sewing celeb!

Katy Cameron said...

I'm saving, I'm saving lol Glad you had such a fab time

Sara said...

It looks like so much fun Dar!!

Sheila said...

It looks like you made the most of your time in SLC! I really want to come and play next year!

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