Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween & Mendocino

Halloween was great yesterday! Gweniveve is obsessed with The Little Mermaid (which I love since it is my favorite Disney princess) so of course her costume would be easy.

Isn't the wig awesome? My MIL got it for Gwen at DisneyWorld.

Gwen as Ariel

She is getting so grown up!


My Mom had made an awesome Candy Corn costume for Gwen in 2008 so we thought it would be perfect for Penelope to use it. Might as well get another use out of it, plus it is adorable.


I wanted to compare the two in the costume so the top row is Gwen and the bottom row is Penelope.

Candy Corn Sisters

The girls and I. I was looking at my FIL since he was taking pictures to.

us girls

Well it turns out that Gwen is dying for me to make her a Mermaid quilt and has been asking for one for a couple of months now so I have decided to try to get as much of Heather Ross Mendocino fabrics as I can to make her a quilt. I am putting this out there since some of you might have some that you are will to part with and swap with me?!?!?! Pretty Please.

I only have a FQ of swimming sisters on white with aqua octopus seen here.

Thanks everyone and I hope that you had an awesome Halloween!


Archie the wonder dog said...

Lovely Halloween photos! Good luck with the mermaid hunt!

leigh said...

i know i've got some of the seahorses. i'll check to see which colors and how much. i'm pretty sure it won't be even a FQ, but i could share some :)

Sandy said...

are you doing some fussy cuts? I don't have tons of mendocino but I totally could get some piecesto you! I think I could get some pieces of fushia octupus, and several others to ya....lmk...(:


Barb said...

Such beautiful girls, Darci! My daughter loves Mendicino too, but I still haven't cut into my small stash. Let me have a look if I have any extra to spare.

Kelly said...

I know I have some Mendo to spare, just FM me and we'll see what we can work out!

Unknown said...

Those costumes are so super cute! I might have some Kelp Forest in Orange in my stash. I'll check tonight. How much would you need?

two hippos said...

I know I've got a bunch of Kelp Stripe as well as some seahorses, kelp forest, and giant octopi, and I'd be happy to destash some. Email me and we can work it out!

mennikelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mennikelly said...

Ruby Street had some not too long ago. It was either the brown or the orange and I'm not sure if it is still there.

Robin said...

Darc, I haven't cut into my stash yet and I have a load of it... Let me know what your interested in :)


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