Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Working on my WIP's

Well I have finally started on my quilt from Christina's Retro Flower Pattern. I have sooo many pink fabrics since I do love pink but for some reason I forget to sew with them. So I am finally going to make a whole pink quilt! I mean my favorite fabric EVER is the pink ladybug print from Tula Pink's Flutterby fabric line.

New stack

Christina's pattern is shown with each flower as one fabric but I decided to make mine scrappy since really scrappy things are my favorite! Ignore that I am not the best person at sewing all of my points so that they match up I am fine that they don't since I am not a perfectionist :)

Scrappy Retro Flower

I have also made 4 blocks for Gwenieve's mermaid quilt! I pulled out some Kona solids to go along with the fabrics.

getting ready

This is totally out of my comfort zone sewing with so many different solids, I tend to stick with white and I am always happy but this fabric was screaming for all the different solid colors. It makes me nervous but I know that when it is all done it is going to look really great!

Project Improv Mermaid

I also am sewing slowly on my new bed quilt using the Bowtie pattern, I have squares next to my sewing machine and sew some everyday so it is coming along. It is a HUGE quilt I am going for so it will take awhile :)

How is all of your WIP's coming along?


Andrea said...

Love both of these projects. They are beautiful. And I think the bright solids look amazing. Good choice.

Katy Cameron said...

Love the look of both of these! I have just bought the retro flowers pattern, and the templates are winging their way to me from Tabslot

www.randomthoughtsdoordi.com said...

oh, i love all that pink fabric.

Kim said...

SO so jelly of your gorgeous stack of Mendocino... *drools*

a good yarn said...

That's a great start on both projects. Those solids really pack a punch of colour. ann :-)

MaryAnnB said...

I am working on several WIPs at once, being a bit ADD I can't concentrate on one thing at a time! LOL And then reading about your stack of pink makes me go ' oh, how many pinks to I have and what can I do with it! ' I love the retro flower pattern and that sure would make a great quilt for my granddaughter! Thanks for the inspiration and look forward to seeing the completed quilt!
And those Kona solids are so bright and cheerful! They go so well with your mermaid quilt fabrics!


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