Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vote for me?

Ellison Lane Quilts
I know another one but these contests are so great since you can win gift certificates. I decided to enter my dress into Jennifer's Summer Sewing Contest.
Summerlove dress
Click here to go to the website and vote for someone in each category! Thanks so much everyone. Have a great day. I am painting baseboards as we are getting new floors put in this week one of my least favorite things but it must be done.


Michele T said...

I voted for your summer dress - love the fabric and design... it would be something that I would love to wear. Good luck - I hope you win!!

jednoiglec said...

You don't have to ask:) your dress is wonderful and I already voted for it:) I was only surprised that you didn't submit all three dresses (maybe there's a limit?)

Patti said...

I love everything about your dress and voted for it. Good luck!

jeifner said...

Wonderful dress, did I miss reading about the pattern?


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