Monday, September 17, 2012

Shelby's Bowtie Quilt

I finished this Bowtie quilt that I started a long time ago for my bed. Recently my niece was here and really was loving this quilt and wanted one for her bed. I thought I would be the nice aunt and give it to her so that she can treasure it always.
Shelby's Bowtie
This quilt is 104" x 115" and I have no idea how to take a picture of it hanging up since it is so heavy and large so all you get is it on my bed. It isn't even staying on my bed I just used my pillows to see what it looks like. Hopefully I will get my niece to take a picture of it in her room soon so we all can see.
Bowtie Quilt
I sent it to Emily at Emerson Quilting to get it long armed with the figure 8 quilting which is amazing and looks so perfect on this quilt. The quilting really stands out on the white. She has some close up picture of the quilt on her blog to if you want to go and check them out.
My niece loved the trees from Erin McMorris line Weekends and we found them from an amazing price and was able to get 10 yards for the back of the quilt so she can flip the quilt over and just have the trees. I also made a scrappy yellow binding to help the little yellow in the quilt pop.
scrappy binding
Here was just the top when I finished it. You can see the whole quilt here.
Shelby's Bowtie
Next up will be all the clothes that I have been sewing for the girls!


em's scrapbag said...

Beautiful quilt. Love the dotty binding!

Ann said...

I love this quilt!
And given that I am not too fond of the bowtie pattern normally, this must be due to your excellent choices in colour and fabric!

The binding is really working out well too! Mmmm... Perhaps I need to try out some of that?!...

Ginette said...

This quilt is fabulous! You have inspired me to make a bowtie quilt! Thank you!

Katy Cameron said...

Oh it's fab, love the fresh colours

diane said...

This is huge. You are a very sweet aunt to give it away. Will I see you at Sewing Summit? Maybe we'll be on the same flight. I'm leaving on Wednesday.

Peter @ QuilttemplatesM said...

Very nice bow tie quilt, I really like the colors you chose, and the white centers make the quilt so bright and beautiful.

CJ said...

I love this quilt! What size are you squares? Or more specifically, what size are each of the components of the bowtie? I've never made one but sure do love this look. :)

Jenniffier Kramer said...

It looks amazing I love the colors!

Alie said...

Oh, it's just beautiful! You are a very, very sweet aunt and your niece is one lucky girl! The quilting does go perfectly with it. Great choice :)

Katie B. said...

Wow, I love this!

twin fibers said...

Gorgeous!! That quilting looks perfect with this quilt. :) What a lucky niece!!


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