Sunday, November 11, 2012

Making Dresses

Penelope's 3rd birthday was coming up soon and I knew I wanted to make the Family Reunion Dress by Oliver + S. I knew if I made Penelope one I would have to make Gweniveve one too so I ordered each of them fabric that they would love. Gweniveve of course loves blue and Penelope is a pink or purple girl and I found that Anna Marie Horner fabric was on sale so I bought the pattern and the fabric at the same place. Gweniveve's dress is Anna Marie Horner, Loulouthi, Summer Totem fabric.
Gwen's Family Reunion dress
Penelope's is Anna Marie Horner, Innocent Crush, Bubble Burst fabric. On each of the dresses are zippers and not the buttons in the back.
Penelope's Family Reunion dress
Penelope's was rather large and I didn't want to fix it so I gave it to Gwenieve since it fits her perfectly. For some reason this pattern is dead on in size where the Ice Cream Dress runs small and I was going off of that pattern more. Oh Well. This just meant that I needed to make Penelope another dress.
Family Reunion dress by Oliver + S. I made them really big. Oops.
Here is the 3rd and final Family Reunion Dress. It is a 3T on the pattern I just made it longer since my girls are so tall.
Birthday Dress
Happy Birthday Penelope
Penelope loved it and it was a very successful birthday!
Happy Birthday Penelope!!
Back in June the girls also had the Ice Cream Dress which was made with Kona solids and Remix by Ann Kelle. I only have pictures from my phone but that is better than nothing right??? Gwen's of course is blue.
Ice Cream Dress
Penelope's pink.
Ice Cream Dress

5 comments: said...

these dresses are adorable. I especially love the Family Reunion pattern

Svetlana said...

Beautiful! and the girls look so adorable wearing them.

Mette/DigogMig said...

Beautiful dresses!!! Ny 3 year old really likes the frist one and is crazy about the Hello Kitty balloon :)

Unknown said...

I would love to know how you did the zipper on the back!

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